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koukotsu_jigoku's Journal

恍惚地獄 - Ecstasy Hell
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Welcome to 恍惚地獄, a rotation community by karmik. 恍惚地獄 was opened for the public on May 21st, 2006 and has been active ever since then. Naturally, the community has rules by which you will have to abide, and the only one who can post to the community is karmik. Also, the community is members only, which means you will have to join in case you want to see the music posts.


01. The most important of all the rules: SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! We don't want to see all these great bands disbanding when their CDs don't sell -- because yes, that really is the reason for many disbandings -- so please, support them. Even if it's only one CD, buy it.

02. Comment if you download. I'm not kidding. Way too many times I've seen 100 downloads but 20 comments. And you know what? That sucks. So, comment, or else I'll start password protecting some of the stuff here. I've seen that happen at communities, and it's no fun.

03. Do not redistribute the links in this community. This is members only for a reason. If your friend wants something that you know has been uploaded here, point them to this direction! Or then just upload the .zip file yourself, it's not that hard. I'm speaking from personal experience, you know.

04. I choose the servers where I upload pretty randomly. Mostly, I use SendSpace, and often also MediaFire and QuickSharing, and sometimes others too. If you need something to be re-uploaded on another server, feel free to ask for it, but I can't promise I'll do it. I'll do it if I have time.

05. Don't provocate or participate in flaming or general bitching. You'll get banned for doing that, so it's not worth it, really.


What makes this community different from the rest?
Well, there's many reasons, of course! Firstly, I share only full releases. I don't like stray mp3s, so I don't expect others to like them either. Also, you will get a lot of information with each post. There's always the name and tracklist in both romaji and the original language (be it Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai or anything else), and the release date, genre, language, size and bitrate. Moreover, with each post, you will find elaborate reviews and opinions written by me. I do my best to describe the music so that you'll know what you're downloading before hearing the band itself. I often also talk about the history of the band and its members, sometimes I also talk about the other bands the members have been in and so on.

Why did you create this community?
Because I love sharing the love. There's so many good bands out there, I want to present them to a larger number of people, to make more people give them the recognition they deserve. That of course means I mainly concentrate on indies artists, artists that are less known, but I do also listen to a good number of major bands and they are by no means excluded from this community. My musical taste ranges from Classical to Metal and everything inbetween, regardless of the popularity, age, looks or language of the band.

How often do you upload music?
I don't have that thing called life, so I update this community quite often. Sometimes school and work interfere with that, though, but I always try to update this at least a few times a week, sometimes daily.

What exactly do you upload?
Mainly full albums and singles, but also the occasional PVs, DVDs and anything else that's related to music. I've even shared scans at times! And also, I buy a lot of CDs, usually very new releases, and I always rip them in 320kbps, so you'll get lots of high quality rips of awesome new (and sometimes old) releases monthly.


The layout features 新興宗教楽団NoGoD. The header picture was scanned and edited by me. Some of the layout codes were taken from reversescollide, but most of the coding was made and modified by me. The userinfo features ネガ [Nega]. The picture was taken from ネガ's official website and edited by me.


If you have any questions regarding the community, the music, or anything else, feel free to contact me by commenting any of the entries in this community or by e-mailing me at .

// karmik